Friday, 3 June 2011

Final OSCE

So I did it and I survived.

It's strange to think that this OSCE could be the last exam I sit as a medical student. I'll find out on Monday if I need to sit the extension exam to improve my mark or not.

Although 21 stations, each 7.5 minutes seems really long, in the actual OSCE the time flew by. It was over in what seemed like minutes, although it was actually hours.

I thought I'd give a quick run through of the stations for those who are interested...

1. Precription chart for COPD... it was so hard to fit this in the time.
2. Cerebellar exam.
3. Advice about hospital discharge, wound care and antibiotics.
4. Surgical history, possibly an ileus.
5. Breaking bad news, telling a lady who was trying for a baby that she isn't pregnant.
6. Choosing the drug and setting up a nebuliser.
7. Prescribing for cellulitis.
8. Brief history and examining a lady with the fake strap on boobs.
9. An alcohol history.
10. CVS exam.
11. Dermatology history and exam.
12. Medical history, possibly heart failure.
13. Setting up a syringe pump (minus the actual syringe driver).
14. Respiratory exam.
15. Abdominal exam.
16. Giving advice about osteoporosis.
17. Explaining a laprascopic nephrectomy.
18. Informing a nurse that a patient wishes to complain about them.
and 3 rest stations

The examination stations all had so many signs, which meant that it was hard to fit them into the time given. I also find the plastic strap on boobs so offputting!!

Anyway I am off to nurse my hangover...

Lily xXx


Anonymous said...

Imperial gives us real boobs in the real 3rd year exam (altho it didn't come up this year). They probably need to pay quite highly for that.

Lily said...

We get real vaginas to learn speculum and bimanual examinations on in 4th year.... that also must be rather costly!

Anonymous said...

good luck, i hope you pass :D

Dr Grumble said...

Is it correct that there were 80 failures?