Wednesday, 29 June 2011

End of an Era

I've been thinking for a couple of days that I should write something deep and meaningful to end this blog. I'm getting closer and closer to graduation day now, and therefore closer to switching to my new blog, so I feel that I should probably stop thinking about being deep and meaningful and just write something before it's too late.

It's graduation ball today, and graduation itself on Friday. Even though these are looming and I got my results a week ago, it still hasn't really sunk in. I'm sure the reality of being a doctor won't sink in until I actually start work at the end of July.

There is a little shadow over all these end of degree celebrations though. A lot of people in my year group are having to resit the year this year. 37 in fact. A fair few of them are friends or at least mates of mine. I think the strangest thing will be if they get sent as medical students to the hospital I'm working in.

I've spent the week mulling over how quickly the last 6 years have passed. It only seems like it was a few months ago that my Dad was driving me to halls and I felt so nervous I thought I was going to puke all over the dashboard. A lot has happened in the last 6 years though, and hopefully I've managed to learn a lot of stuff. I also hope that I don't forget it all over the next couple of weeks before I start work.

So sorry that I haven't written anything deep and meaningful, but I think that's because there is so much flying around in my mind at the moment. That and this heat is melting my brain.

Hopefully I'll have time to give you a little graduation ball update tomorrow, but for now I'm off to try and make myself look acceptable.

Lily xXx

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