Thursday, 30 June 2011

Graduation Ball

What a magical evening. An evening made even better by the fact that although there was copious amounts of champagne and wine flowing, I managed to moderate myself and spend the whole evening sober enough to enjoy every moment.

I might be biased because I'm currently on a graduation-high, but this ball was fantastic.

The evening started with champagne at the fountain outside one of our teaching hospitals, overlooking the River Thames. To add to the atmosphere there was a jazz band playing, and it gave everyone the perfect opportunity to catch up and drool over all of our beautiful dresses.

Felt a bit like naughty school children for a while as a big group photo was taken and the photographers did lots of shouting at us, but that was all soon forgotten when a fleet of Routemaster Double Decker Red Buses turned up to transport us to the hotel. Once we reached the hotel we were ushered through to another champagne reception, this time with a string quartet.

After an hour of drinking more champagne, my feet were really hurting in my heels, so I was glad that they called us through to dinner. We enjoyed our tasty 3 course meal, while listening to a harpist... it was all very sophisticated.

To end the sophistication we all took to the dance floor to have a good old boogie to songs from the last 6 years.

All in all a fabulous night.

I'm now off to get bits ready for graduation tomorrow as I'm off for a sneaky drink or two tonight! Yay!

Lily xXx

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