Sunday, 22 May 2011

Written Finals.

I wanted to write a post about my written finals, but they were so traumatic that part of me thinks that I'd be better just blocking them out of my memory completely.

The first exam was as I expected. The single best answer questions were pretty tough. It's always hard to pick the "best" answer, when more than 1 may be right. The second part, which was extended matching was pretty easy... and I'm hoping I'll have made up marks on this part.

After the exam I thought about revising more, but the thought of going over all the stuff I'd got wrong in that exam wasn't a happy thought, so I trotted off to Selfridge's and bought myself a lovely carrot cupcake. I then spent the evening chilling out.

The second exam was HORRID!! I thought the single best answer questions were a bit easier than the day before, but the extended matching were soooo hard. One question asked us the life expectancy of a boy born in Zambia in 2000. No idea. There was also a huge question on antibiotics and another haematology one, both of which left me so muddled. Blergh.

Fingers crossed I'll have done enough to scrape a pass.

As most people who know me would expect I went out after the exam and got completely sloshed. Apparently a bottle of wine is not a substitute for dinner. Who'd have thought?! I spent the next day in bed recovering, except for a little outing to get breakfast. Today was spent having lunch and coffee with a really good friend I haven't seen in ages... and then tomorrow OSCE revision starts in earnest.

Also... it's my birthday in 6 days!

Lily xXx

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