Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Last Day

This is it.

Today I had my last day of clinical placement as a medical student (... as long as I pass exams).

It was a bit of an anticlimax.

I got up, strolled to the hospital and for once found scrubs in a reasonable size. We then had an incredibly long ward round and before I knew it the consultant was saying we might as well have lunch and take the afternoon off.

It hasn't really hit me that it's over yet.

No more clinical placements as a student, no more lectures as a student, no more tutorials as a student. Just exams.



Not really... I'm (trying to be) not the panicking type. First written exam 2 weeks tomorrow. That's 2 weeks of revision left, and then a further fortnight until my OSCE. Plenty time if I knuckle down.

On a side note I shall be wasting tomorrow trying to collect my logbook from the administrator here, and then driving to London. My afternoon will be spent queuing at the council offices for a new electronic door fob and then queuing to vote. After all that I'm going to drive all the way back down to Kent for a couple of days. Crazy busy day.

My own fault for mysteriously losing my keys and forgetting to register for postal voting though.

Lily xXx

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