Saturday, 14 May 2011


It was bound to happen. What would finals be without a bit of drama?! Too easy... that's what!

Those of you who've read the blog for over a year will know about my ex. For those of you who haven't a quick summary. I was dating someone, we moved in together, we got engaged, he left, I was sad, the end. It took me months and months until I really got over the sadness, but over the last few months I can truly say that I've been really happy. In fact I even started to think that a little bit of heartbreak is a good life experience.

Last night the ex decided to tell me he still loved me and wanted to get back with me. I'll go no further than to say the conversation was drama-laden. I think in normal circumstances I would have just brushed it off and not let it stress me out. Along with the stress of exams, family stuff and that I really just lost it last night. For some reason I just couldn't stop crying.

A pep-talk later and the tears stopped, which was good, but I just couldn't sleep. 5am this morning I was sitting in my kitchen watching the sunrise, and only then did I get to sleep... for a whole 3 hours.

I was really tired and more than a little weepy this morning, but got taken out for a lovely breakfast and had a cuddle with someone special which definitely made me feel better. In fact I think that once I graduate I'll be prescribing cuddles for all my patients. Cuddles really do cure a lot of things. A nap also helped and I managed to get back on track.

Spent the afternoon in a cafe revising. It's only in the last 2 days that I've realised I actually get a lot of work done sitting in a cafe, more than even in the library. Would have been nice if I would have realised that earlier in my 6 years of university.

I've also been shown some amazing revision lecture videos from a lecturer at St Barts, you can find them if you Google "Feather does Finals". Each video is 2.5+ hrs long, and there are 8 videos so I wish that I'd found them earlier, but I'll fit the 6 I haven't watched into the next 4 days of revision somehow.

4 days until first written exam and I'm back on track. Thank goodness!!

Lily xXx


Cockroach Catcher said...

If you would like an eCopy of my book, The Cockroach Catcher, you would be most welcome.

The Cockroach Catcher

DianneK said...

Good luck with it all Lily. In life, when it rains it pours.
Reading your posts though, I know that no matter what happens you seem to land on your feet.

Medic-speak said...

Hey there,

Just wanted to post a message. Its been a while since I first bookmarked your blog and have been reading it since, and have enjoyed reading them.

I'm in Southampton and my finals are coming up too. So I just wish you good luck.

Also, I've been through something not too dissimilar from your experience with your ex. It really doesn't help when boys complicate things, and I agree its all life experience.

Anyhow. Good luck! x

Jenny said...

Wish my dr prescribed hugs or cuddles, they really do help, even if its just short term.

Thinking of you. Hope exams are going well.