Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Library Days

Now that clinics are finished my life has evolved into the dull but comfortable revision routine I probably need to pass exams.

As much as I moan about it (and ask my friends... I moan a lot), I tend to enjoy this last bit of pre-exam revision. It means I can sit myself in the library, put something soothing on my iPod and slowly chug through notes.

Unfortunately my library calm was somewhat ruined by a couple at it on the desk next to me. There were far too many sloppy smoochy noises for my liking and I'm about 87% sure they probably had sex at some point while in that library. I wish my eyes could unsee the things I saw.

Worryingly I'm still not sure I'm revising the right stuff, but something must be useful as I've done 2 mock exams and I got 70% on one of them and 76% on the other. I'd be pretty chuffed if I could do that in the real thing.

In an effort to be a normal person (well as normal as I'll ever be), I'm also trying to still have a bit of a life over exams. I'm spending my revision breaks having coffee with friends, tomorrow night I'm cooking for my ex-flatmate and on Friday I'm meeting up with someone off Twitter once I've tackled a morning of revision. I'm also really enjoying spending time with some non-student friends. I've even been calm enough to indulge in a cheeky few drinks on 2 nights this week (already!!). That's definitely something that can only be enjoyed when not with people panicking about exams.

The only big downer is that I'm starting to get a bit upset about the thought of leaving London. I know I'll only be an hour away, but it's not the same as being just down the road.

Lily xXx

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