Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Calm Before The Storm

This time in 48 hrs I'll have finished my written finals and will hopefully be enjoying a cool, alcoholic drink with a couple of friends. All probably exhausted from the mental marathon we'll have endured.

It's strange to think that if I pass these exams they will be the last written exams I will sit as a medical student and that I will be 2/3 of my way to finishing finals. I think I'm calmer than I've been for any other set of end of year exams.

There are 2 possible reasons for this.

Reason 1. I have turned up to uni for 6 years, I have done a moderate amount of revision and I have finally come to the realisation that having done the above I will probably pass. I'm not aiming for a distinction or to get an amazing score. I just want to pass.

Reason 2. I have completely lost it. Later the reality of the situation will hit me and I'll have to be dragged from under my bed tomorrow morning kicking and screaming.

I hope it's more reason 1 than reason 2.

I'm off to try and relax for the rest of the evening, which is easier said than done. I'll probably cook some dinner, watch some TV, pack my bag for tomorrow and hopefully be in bed nice and early.

Before the exam I'm grabbing breakfast with a few friends from uni. It's always a good way to calm down before an exam... just as long as they don't start talking about all the stuff that they know and I don't. If that happens I'm going to stick my fingers in my ears and sing "lalalalalala" until we're sitting in that exam hall.

Good luck to everyone else sitting exams at the moment, whether they be GCSEs, Alevels or uni exams. Lets hope we all pass!!

Lily xXx


Margaret Frej said...

Good luck Lily! I'll keep my fingers crossed for you tomorrow:) and before you know it you'll be writing 'Dr' before your name.

Estrella said...

Good luck Lily. I really hope that everything goes well for you, I always found that with exams I knew far more than I thought I did and I'm sure that when you get into the exam room it'll all come flooding back to you. Try not to stress, it'll all be over soon and before you know it you'll be Dr Lily.

Fingers crossed for you