Tuesday, 3 May 2011


Don't worry this isn't going to be some confession-post. As far as I'm aware inappropriateness is not something I suffer from. Nor (for once) is this a ranty post about someone else being inappropriate.

ITU has just got me thinking about dark humour.

All the medics I know make really inappropriate jokes all the time. I guess it's our way of coping with the sad things...

Today we had possibly the most amusingly inappropriate incident I've seen on ITU yet.

To set the scene, we're in a quiet corner of ITU. The patient has been there for some time and is stable, slowly edging towards a possibly recovery. For a bit of entertainment the nurse has the radio playing. We take off our aprons, wash our hands and we're just about to leave when a new song starts...

"Don't leave me this wayyyy... I can't survive..."

Cue all of us blustering out of the room holding our collective breaths trying not to giggle.

I really hope that people don't take offence at medic humour. I guess the Amateur Transplants have yet to be hunted down and vilified for their songs. I however need to resist the urge to sing them to myself in ITU.


Lily xXx

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Anonymous said...

This post about the patients and your choice of song really made me laugh. Thanks for brightening up a borinmg day.