Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Exam Flu

It's even more virulent than man-flu. The dreaded exam flu.

Yesterday I had a headache and sniffles, by the time I went to bed I had some achyness and today I just feel like poop. I also have a temperature of 38.6.

This would only happen to me less than 48 hours before my first exam.

I've decided that this illness is due to mental weakness more than anything else, so I'm going to man-up (once I've had a bit of a moan). I'm taking paracetamol and decongestants. I'm drinking lots of fluids and I'm even breaking evidence-based medicine and doing everything else I can think of. Vitamin C tables, chicken noodle soup... you name it, I'm willing to try it so I don't feel like this on exam day.

Lily xXx


Anonymous said...

orange juice IV and loads of sleep ms Lily!!

Anonymous said...

hope you get well soon.
good luck with exams, im sure you will pass :D

Anonymous said...

Hope you get better soon enough and good luck. I'm also studying in exams and looking forward to my first summer job as a doctor (in Finland we get to work in hospitals after our forth year).

Thank you for the blog, I have really enjoyed reading it.

Anonymous said...

Good luck, you deserve to do well :)

Anonymous said...

Get well soon & best of luck with the exams (:

Anonymous said...

Awesome blog! Get well soon and good luck with finals :)