Monday, 10 May 2010

Valuable Lessons Learnt Today

Here are a few valuable lessons I've learnt today...

1. Pencil skirt + large gap between platform and the train = near death experience.

2. Wearing a stethoscope while inside the hospital automatically makes people think I have more power than I actually do. This is a BAD thing. I got shouted at by some lady today about the lack of alcohol hand gel in the public areas of the hospital and then shouted at because I couldn't make a formal complaint on her behalf. I did feel like pointing out that the entrance and exit to every ward has a hand gel as well as every bed which is probably enough but I was scared she was going to kill me with her death stare.

3. Old people are really hard to take histories from.

4. I prefer listening to old people talk about "the olden days" than taking histories and if it was up to me I'd just spend all day having a chat.

5. The sickly sweet smell of ulcers has put me off of any sweet food for the foreseeable future.

6. I would like a house-elf to do my cleaning and cook me dinner so I could relax after a long day at uni. It would be good if this house-elf was proficient in the use of various databases to search for journal papers to make my life even easier.

Lily xXx

(I think point 6 is more the start of a wish-list than a life learning point, but it needs to be said.)

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