Tuesday, 18 May 2010


I am very tempted to bury my head in the sand and hope everything goes away.

My SSC is sooooooooooooo difficult. Now I've found papers I don't really understand them enough to get the results out of them, let alone comment on how good or bad they are.
Emailed my superviser for more help but seriously doubting that I'll have anything good to hand in by first draft day on Friday.

Thank goodness I have all of tomorrow off to just sit and work at it all day. I think the fact I'm so tired after uni isn't helping. Also feeling incredibly ill today so I think I will write off this evening and go to bed now, hoping I'll be better tomorrow and able to blast through my work.

On the plus side next week should be relatively laid back ssc-wise, so I should be able to use the time to prepare 3 unrelated presentations I have to do this term. It also means I can go out and celebrate my birthday... woo! After that I'll have to get back into super-gear as loads more ssc deadlines come up and then scarily exams! Eep!

Lily xXx

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ilovehotchocolate said...

Aww :( I always found paper appraisals the most difficult part of my degree too. I could understand what they'd done and the results they got out of it, but didn't know enough about the different techniques available to know that they should have done a different one because it was more ... blah blah blah: as the lecturer would be only too happy to point out that we'd missed something obvious