Friday, 7 May 2010

Panic Stations!

There's nothing quite like having a deadline moved drastically forward to put a rocket up my bottom. This evening I have well and truly gotten started, although with the amount I have left to do it almost feels like I haven't. Thankfully my supervisors are really helpful,so I'm sure when I email them on Monday they'll be able to confirm that I'm on the right track. We were hoping to fit in another meeting before the deadline, but there really isn't time for that now.

My day hasn't all been work though. I had a bit of a lie in since I stayed up late for elections. I then went to lectures where the bombshell of my new deadline was dropped. After that I went for a lovely lunch with madsadgirl.

Now I'm spending the rest of my evening trying to get this literature review properly started. It's so tempting to just tidy my flat instead. That shows how much I want to procrastinate because I HATE cleaning. I am the messiest person ever. However I have worked solidly for a couple of hours. I have so many other things to do for uni that I really want to get this done as quickly as possible. Although I should get a publication and lots of skills from this special study unit, I'm kind of wondering why I picked something so difficult towards the end of the year when I have so many other deadlines. Eep!

The ex is coming over tomorrow hopefully for a bit of cheering up. I'm thinking of taking him to a farmer's market because who doesn't like lots of nice yummy fresh food and a day out in the sunshine... so cross your fingers that the sun will shine for us!

Lily xXx

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