Monday, 17 May 2010

Jumping Through Hoops

At the moment life seems to be about nothing but jumping through hoops. I dread to think of the hours of my life wasted filling out forms, evaluations, questionnaires and all other kinds of paperwork just to progress in uni.

Recently the whole year have gone through the process of ranking possible placements next year. My cynical side thinks there's no point to this. Whenever we've ranked anything in the past it seems like everyone gets the opposite of what they want. I can only conclude from this that the uni has a super computer that once you get a place allocates all your placements right through until final year. This means there are only 2 reasons we're ever allowed to rank things. Firstly to lure us into thinking that we have some choice so we moan less and secondly to get us to practice the process of ranking things in preparation for post-grad training.


Lily xXx

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