Sunday, 25 April 2010

Blogging Advice?

I know I said I'd write about some patients I saw this week over the weekend, but I think I'm going to take that back. Obviously patient confidentiality is a pretty big thing.

The case I wanted to write about is a pretty rare one these days and I'd be worried that someone reading my blog might recognise it. I'd never mention a patients name, but otherwise I wonder what advice other bloggers have on making cases less recognisable?

I'm guessing if I leave things a couple of weeks, it'll be less likely people will recognise the case?

The one thing that has really struck me in paediatrics is parents reactions to their children's illnesses and how even the medical staff get very upset by a sick child. I think it's the hardest thing to deal with in medicine so far. How can you offer comfort to parents who have just lost a young child? It is heartbreaking to watch.

I've found myself getting frustrated all week with non-medical friends making comments like "Well you just need to get over it, that's part of being a doctor. Nothing should upset you." I've seen that it's OK to be upset as long as you're still professional, and that it's OK to come home at the end of a day to reflect on things.

Even with the emotions that paediatrics uncovers I'm enjoying paediatrics so much that I'm actually looking forward to another week of it. Unfortunately I'm dreading the accommodation. I've been looking into how difficult it would be to commute, but as well as a busy motorway there are a lot of tiny A-roads that apparently grind to a standstill in the morning, so I'd have to leave freakishly early.

Lily xXx


Zoe said...

If you aren't anonymous, I'd say don't post anything related to a patient. Obviously, it's a serious issue. No-one wants the details posted online even when the names have been changed.

As for paediatrics, God, that's one of the most difficult rotations. Communicating with kids is extremely hard. I was amazed at how clever they are :)

Good Luck!!!

Lily said...

I am anonymous, I just hope that by fiddling stories around a bit that I can stay that way!

madsadgirl said...

The right thing to do is to leave it for some time so that it becomes more difficult for anyone to identify those involved. I'm glad that you are enjoying the placement even if the accommodation sucks. Commuting is definitely not something to consider when you are already having to put in long days.

Anonymous said...

Just be really careful. Change as much information as you can. It's nice to share interesting stories but from my experience medical schools aren't too keen on student bloggers and will use anything they can against you. It's not worth risking your career.

As for paediatrics, I love it. Dealing with distressed parents is a skill unique to the specialty and it's something that I found extremely rewarding because, 9 times out of 10, you are giving reassurance. Although I agree that it can be pretty horrific at times.

Convectuoso said...

Hi Lily, always enjoy your blog so hope any anonymity/confidentiality issues won't prevent us all being able to see how you get on. You seem relatively anonymous to meI have to say (given that we don't know which uni or hospital you're aat), but I found this on Tom Reynolds' very good EMT re. advice on confidentiality for work-related bloggers, particularly in the NHS: