Friday, 16 April 2010

Strange Notes

Madsadgirl took me out for a lovely lunch today. While munching away we had lots to chat about. I ended up mentioning some random things I found written in my notes after hours and hours of lectures. I think they sum up the state of my mind once I've been in lectures for over 6 hours.

The first was about delirium. My page of notes starts as follows...

Delirium is...
... a hamster in a ball.

After this I have two pictures of a hamster. One merrily rolling along in his ball, the other flung around the ball after someone's kicked it and he can no longer keep up. This apparently is delirium.

My next set of notes look even more bizzare to the naked eye. It's entitled "Recipe for Low Weight Babies". Clearly at this point I was getting hungry and meant "step-by-step of care..." or something like that. But anyway I wrote recipe...

Step 1. Baby is born

Step 2. Put baby in ziplock sandwich bag (do NOT forget to hole for head!!)

Step 3. Put baby under warming up thing. least I didn't say put baby under the grill... or something like that! Reading it back the next day I actually had to double check that I hadn't completely lost all my marbles in the lecture and that small babies went in sandwich bags. They do. I'll never look at ziplock bags in quite the same way again. I wonder if the manufacturers realise they're put to such good use. I had a vast amount of respect for them for keeping my sandwiches fresh, but now I see them in a whole new light.

Lily xXx


madsadgirl said...

Nice one Lily. Even though I had heard about the notes I still had to laugh when I read the post.

I have the knitting needles and and wool beside me so Daisy Livingstone Fairy is about to be started.

I hope your placement goes well.

Chris said...

I think quite a few people have notes which sound ridiculous when read back after a tired lecture.
One time when revising i was surprised to read 'Blindness is often eye-related'.. I can only assume i was going to go on to talk about when it isnt eye-related :)