Thursday, 22 April 2010


I now understand what people mean when they complain about hospital accomodation. Where I am now is awful.

There is one shower between about 10 people. 6 of these are nurses and other healthcare professionals who need somewhere to stay short term, so there is a big turn over of people.

The kitchen stinks and is filled with rotting food. It's always swarming with flies. The shower isn't much better and is black and green all over. I felt dirtier after I left the shower than when I got in.

Amazingly I don't think this attachment is too bad though because the actual placement is so amazing and the team are so lovely. I'm saying this even though I'm doing the longest days I've ever done! I have lots of work to do tonight (papers to read... fun.) but later over the weekend I'll recount some of my stories of the sometimes amazing and sometimes upsetting world of paediatrics.

Lily xXx


A New Kind of GP said...

Lily - tell the BMA. Send them some pictures.

Lily said...

I'm bringing my camera with me to take photos this week!