Tuesday, 6 April 2010


There is already so much to do and I have only had 1 day back at university.

I've decided to arrange my own GP placement at home to save myself the drama of being involved in the random process of GP placement allocation in London. Fingers crossed the £2100 incentive they get paid to have me will encourage the GP surgery I want to accept me.

This particular GP surgery doesn't seem to have any email addresses, so I'm torn as whether to phone them up or write them a letter. It's difficult to find time to call when I'm in uni pretty much 9-5 for the next fortnight. Perhaps I will write them a letter now and follow it with a call as soon as possible.

As well as this I have lots of random bits of paperwork to do for my new car, the bank and to sort out my elective vaccinations.

I also had to get my bottom in gear for this term. I didn't even have a notepad ready! On the way home today trusty Sainsburies provided me with a notepad (and dinner).

Tomorrow I have a meeting to discuss my special study module which I'm quite nervous about as it looks like a difficult SSM. Fingers crossed it'll be OK.

Lily xXx


madsadgirl said...

It must come as a bit of a shock having to go in five days a week and 9-5. I hope that things go well for you over the next couple of weeks and you get the GP placement that you want.

Lily said...

What comes as even more of a shock is my up and coming timetable where some weeks I do 6 days a week 9am-9pm!