Monday, 2 November 2009


I hate people who spit.

Today at the bus stop some man just spat out a huge globule of saliva. I felt like punching him in the nose. It made me feel all queasy. I also hate getting in the lift in my block of flats in the morning and seeing the blobs of spit on the floor. I don't understand why it's so cool.

I also hate people who don't take the time to say please or thankyou.

On my hate list are also fried/boiled/poached eggs, back ache, people who hate ferrets without giving them a chance and shutting my fingers/toes in doors.

Lily xXx


The Manchester Medic said...

What's so bad about eggs? And why do scrambled eggs escape your hate list?

Tofu said...

i can understand the spit thing..but eggs?! Thats it, im having a soft boiled egg for breakfast ^^