Thursday, 12 November 2009

Home or Away?

Until now I've been 100% that I want to do my elective in the South Pacific, somewhere laid back that I can spend a lot of time on the beach chilling out and recovering in time for my final year, full of hard work.

The group of islands myself and a couple of friends had our eye on is very expensive to travel to. This is only made worse by the fact our elective starts on the last weekend of July.

Because of this I'm making a back-up plan just in case flight prices don't come down and I can't afford it.

I'm trying two things for this. Firstly I'd like a tabloid media placement to do with medicine, such as a woman's magazine or with the health editor of a tabloid newspaper. Managing this is proving near impossible as it's so hard to get in contact with anyone. The second (and still quite exciting) option is to work with an ambulance service, looking at prehospital care and how the control room works.

Part of me is now thinking that these back-up ideas sound so fun that is it worth spending thousands of pounds for a beach holiday with a bit of medicine, or should I just stay in the UK?

Any thoughts?

Lily xXx


AberdeenMedStudent said...

HEMS do awesome electives if you want pre-hospital care stuff.
Tropical beach still sounds better :)

Lily said...

Oooooh, your name has just reminded me that I have a story about Aberdeen medical school....

brokenangel said...

HEMS or BASICS will take students on....Id take the beach personnally but financially it does seem to make sence to stay in the UK.

C said...

Yeah but you may never get a chance to go that far again... depends how long it takes to pay off your loan after you qualify and whether you're going to settle down for a nice but boring life?

AberdeenMedStudent said...

Story about Deen?? Do tell!