Monday, 30 November 2009

Assorted Ramblings

I don't really have anything to write a whole post about, but I have lots of small things I want to share.

Firstly... this time next week I'll have just about finished my exam. Although I have a GP visit on the 11th of December, finishing the exams will almost be as if I'm starting my Xmas holidays.

Secondly... H&M is giving away really nice free gift boxes with every purchase. This is amazing... I'm hoarding them so I don't have to wrap presents. On another exciting note Terry's Chocolate Orange now have a flavour with popping candy added to it. I LOVE popping candy. It is definitely mine and not Terry's.

Thirdly... some annoying redecoration company that are trying to make my horrible block of flats look less like a council rubbish dump say they NEED access to my flat while I'm on holiday, and that I HAVE to be there. I've tried sending a nice email saying that unfortunately I'm on holiday and would be willing for them to come either side of my week away. They want to hang out of the windows to paint them on the outside I think. Hope they like ferrets.

I better start revision for the evening as I just had my second to last day at uni. I have no idea where to start with revising orthopaedics. Anyone know any good online resources for orthopaedics aimed at medical student level?!

Lily xXx

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