Friday, 4 December 2009

Different Term, Same Problems.

As per usual I'm getting to the point where I can't really revise.

I try but then I get distracted. Even if I sit in a quiet room and read my notes after about 20 minutes I realise I've been thinking about something else while "reading" and haven't actually properly read any of the revision cards.

This year is strange too, a bit like 3rd year I don't really know what to put on my revision cards. In all fairness for 3rd year this meant I made no notes and just stressed myself out even more, so at least I'm making notes this time. Excitingly they're on different coloured record cards this time. Ooooooh.

I've made all my notes for everything except rheumatology, which I've been avoiding as it's boring and long. I've also had the most teaching on it, so I reckoned it was more important to learn the stuff I've had less teaching on.

I'm actually looking forward to the exam on Monday. It'll be so good once it's over and I can concentrate on enjoying the xmas holidays (and having my GP placement on the Friday).

I have a game-plan for the week.

Monday: Exam then drinkies.

Tuesday: Tidy the flat, pop to the shops, have the girls over.

Wednesday: Into town, get my dollars, have my eyebrows threaded. Do any little bits of shopping I need to do.

Thursday: Pack. 2 bags. 1 weekend bag for home, 1 big bag for my week in vegas.

Friday: GP placement and home visits all day!!! Then pick up the ferrets, get in the car, go home!

Saturday: My sister is also visiting home, take the ferrets for walkies, maybe cinema.

Sunday: Family lunch (om nom nom...), bake cupcakes for my friend who had a baby on Friday.

Monday: Visit friend who had baby on Monday. Go to the boyf's Gran's house which is near the airport.

Tuesday: Fly on holiday!!!!!

What an exciting time to look forward to. Thankfully the boyf's sister has also said she'll look after the ferrets. I don't think she knows what she's letting herself in for!

Lily xXx

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Olive said...

Your going to vegas! Is that with your boyfriend? Hope you have an amazing time!

I have been looking at your blog for a while and think its a really good read :)