Friday, 11 December 2009

Holiday Time!

After GP today my holiday officially starts.

Unfortunately for some reason my body thought it was only having a nap last night so wouldn't let me sleep more than 3 hours, so GP might be harder than first thought.

Once I finish GP about 4, I have a 1hr journey back to my flat. I'm already packed. I just have to pack up the ferrets (into a carrier, not my suitcase) and then trek down to my Dad's. My big sister (who I only see about twice a year) is also visiting with my niece and her husband which should be lovely. I get to spend all weekend with them and then Monday I get to visit one of my school friends who had a very very cute looking baby boy a fortnight ago.

After I'm back from baby-visiting, it's back in the car and to the Boyf's Gran's house (not to be confused with Nan, as I so often do). She lives really near the airport so it means we can have a lie in and get her to drop us off at the airport without having to pay extortion for parking...

After that it's VEGAS! Wooooooo! I'm so excited.

Needless to say I won't be posting until I get back, so hold tight until the 23rd!

Hope everyone has an amazing Xmas if I don't get around to posting before then.

Lily xXx


Helen said...

Merry Christmas Lily, have a fantastic time but don't get too tired!
See you (read you) in the New Year.
Helen x

brokenangel said...

Hope you have a good time in vegas and happy xmas!!!

Tofu said...

WOW vegas sounds amazing!!
hope you have a good one ^^