Tuesday, 29 December 2009

The House That Lily Built

I've decided to make the most of the boyf having all of betwixmas off of work.

For a while my Dad has been suggesting I should retile my bathroom properly, as opposed to the few tiles around the bath.

Last month we bought all the tiles and other bits and bobs you need for tiling (which is a lot of stuff... loads of trips from the car to the flat). We've since been waiting for spare time, and now we've got it.

Unfortunately it's not that simple.

The woman who owned the flat before me is the person who tiled the bathroom last. She seems to have stuck the adhesive onto bare crumbling plaster and used it a little like polyfiller. This essentially means that now the bathroom is crumbling in around us. What should have been a day of stripping tiles has so far been 2 days and the walls are still covered in adhesive which is not going to budge without taking most of the plaster with it. Joy.

I also have sinusitis. This means I'm extra grumpy and snore like nothing anyone has heard before. I bet you all envy the boyf having to spend time with me :-p

Lily xXx


Helen said...

I have a feeling my kitchen tiles will be like that behind when I finally get to stripping them. I think the only solution is to get them all off then call a plasterer in.
Sorry you've come down with a bug on your time off - make sure your bf looks after you :)
p.s. have you thought any more about moving - you were going to get the flat valued.

Lily said...

We've finally got all the tiles off. I think it is going to be a job for a plasterer, but I'm still half hoping I can just bodge it together... or maybe I can learn how to plaster?

I've put off the moving thing for now. It makes more sense to stay put while I'm so busy with uni and just cope with it being a bit of a dump, while saving lots of money for somewhere different when I graduate.