Thursday, 5 November 2009


Sorry for the bad title... but it had to be done.

The Manchester Medic asked why do I hate eggs and why not mention scrambled eggs, commenting on my last post. These questions are far too long to answer just as a comment so I thought they deserved a post of their own.

I think eggs white is horrible! As far as I know I've always thought this. I didn't eat eggs willingly ever, and I've always thrown up if forced to eat egg white. It's partially the texture, but mostly the really sulpherous stench they give off. However I do think they look quite pretty and if they smelt better I could possibly bring myself to eat them.

Strangely enough I've never had a problem with scrambled eggs. I LOVE scrambled eggs. I don't love all scrambled eggs though, they have to be done properly. Eggs mixed up and put in the microwave are not scrambled eggs, they are a treat for ferrets. Scrambled eggs involve melting butter in a pan and cooking well seasoned mixed up egg until it is still gooey and runny. I can eat omlettes done like this too. Mmmmmm.

Also rather strangely I'll dip buttered french bread in well seasoned mixed up raw egg. Om nom nom...

Lily xXx

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The Manchester Medic said...

Fascinating, and thanks for the explanation. I wasn't aware egg whites smelt so bad, I will have to have a sniff next time I have one.

One of my old flatmates was the same, he vomited whenever he had egg. He couldn't manage scrambled eggs either though.