Monday, 9 November 2009

Poor Little Fuzzy

One of my ferrets has been really ill this past week. I think it's flu (they can catch the same flu types as humans). He's lost lots of weight and was all shakey whenever I gave him a cuddle.

Thankfully my doctoring skills came to use and now he's fattening up again, looking healthier, not sneezing and shaking. If only people could be made better by lots of cuddles and kitten milk.

Since I've had my pet ferrets I've realised how scarily alike humans and animals are in illnesses. On ferret forums people talk about insulinoma, which is treated the same way in ferrets as it is in humans. The drugs are even the same!

More and more I wonder how vets actually treat animals though? I've learnt that fluids can be given subcutaneously so that takes away the need to find a vein... but what about when they do blood tests? It's hard enough finding a good vein on something that isn't covered in fur.

I might ask the vet next time I go.

Lily xXx


Dragonfly said...

I don;t know about the flu, but I remember reading that ferrets get insulinomas! Hope he/she gets better soon!

Jason said...

How's it going?

I like your blog a lot. I have a new college blog, which I want to be the number one place for college kids to connect, besides Facebook. I was wondering if we could exchange links to spread some traffic around. Please let me know if this is possible.


Lily said...

Dragonfly... The ferret is much better now thanks. It's amazing what cuddles and proper hydration do to make ferrets better.

Jason... I've popped your website on my "blogs I like to read", so it should show up each time it's updated! It looks really good!