Friday, 20 November 2009

Tea For Two

Today, after my presentation, I went for a cup of tea (or two...) with Madsadgirl. I had a great time. We had a good chat. Well I mainly ranted about some annoying man I encountered today (more about that some other time), and she gave me a sneaky preview of what to expect from her up and coming posts, which I can't wait to read!

She's the first blog-friend I've met up with and if everyone is as nice and friendly as her I'll have no problems with meeting up with others in the future. Fingers crossed we get to go for another cup of tea and chat some time soon.

Lily xXx

1 comment:

madsadgirl said...

I enjoyed this afternoon too, and I was glad to be of assistance while you vented your spleen about the annoying chap. Looking forward to the next time.