Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Traumatic Tuesday

Ok... I realise it's Wednesday, but last night I was having a mini nervous break down so didn't feel like posting.

For some reason, probably girly hormones and exhaustion, I was really down. I was upset that the boyf wasn't around, feeling disenchanted with medicine and hating having to get up early. In fact by about 6pm I had decided I was quitting and becoming a wedding planner. I am very organised after all.

Anyway the day started early. I woke up at 5am. That is after being kept awake until after 2 by my neighbors. Great. Clearly a bad start to anyone's day.

I had a morning in theatre with the anaesthetist. My first patient had dementia, the anaesthetist decided he was very lucid and let me cannulate him. I introduced myself, chatted for a couple of minutes and then tried to put in the cannula. I warned him about a scratch and just as I got the tip in he screamed and hit me. Fabulous. I realise it wasn't his fault and when you're not entirely sure what's happening around you things can be very scary, but I would have rather he hit the anaesthetist.

After that the morning was okay, but pretty dull. The anaesthetist didn't really want to teach me anything, so it made it all pretty boring. I then had an afternoon of lectures and trotted off home.

When I got home I talked to the boyf on the phone and just having a conversation with someone I love so much without being able to have a hug made me pretty blue, so I spent the rest of the night filled with self pity.

Today I've woken up much more cheerful. It's amazing what a good night's sleep can do. I also saw Gok Wan today... in a queue for coffee!

It's back to placement tomorrow, with a morning in theatre and an afternoon clinic. Suffering my usual fear that the anaesthetist will be mean and horrible, but fingers crossed it will all be good!

Lily xXx


madsadgirl said...

Let's hope that things go a little better tomorrow. You don't want to be hit too often, after all. I hate having needles stuck in me, but I've never hit anyone doing it yet.

The Manchester Medic said...

Sounds like a nightmare of a day! I hope things are going better today.