Friday, 18 September 2009

The First Week

My first week of 4th year is over. It's been busier and more tiring than I could have imagined and loads of it was just induction!

On Thursday we ended up with an impromptu early start to our practical anaesthetics exposure as a day of lectures was cancelled. Each of us was put with a different anaesthetist in a different theatre, scary stuff considering we usually go in pairs.

Over the next 2 weeks of anaesthetics we're all expected to do 10 cannulas and 10 laryngeal mask airways. Pretty daunting since we do very little invasive things in 3rd year.

I managed to impress myself by keeping my 100% cannulation success rate (it doesn't sound as impressive when I then tell people that I've only done 2 in my life). I also managed to put in an LMA right first time which was surprisingly simple and really satisfying. Spending time with the anaesthetists I realised that it's definitely a career I'd consider for the future.

On Thursday I even got free lunch and a pen with the grand round. It wasn't soggy hospital sandwiches either, it was lovely warm lasagne with lots of veg too. Num num num.

Lily xXx

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madsadgirl said...

It sounds as though you are really enjoying anaesthetics; and congratulations on the cannulations and the LMA. The Junior Doctor thinks that going into anaesthetics was the best decision that he ever made, so maybe it will be the specialty for you too.

Yes, I can now wear my glasses without them hurting my nose too much, and I've been to the opticians this morning and the new glasses that I have chosen are even lighter than the ones that I wear now so they shouldn't cause me any problems on that area of my nose which is bound to always be a bit of a problem now.