Monday, 14 September 2009

First Day of Year 4

I survived the first day! ...Just

It always frustrates me that I have to get up early for the first day of anything only to have my time wasted with the same talks on plagerism/exams/general conduct. Thankfully that's done for now, although I do have an induction at my placement tomorrow which should be just as thrilling.

The more interesting part of the day was my first lecture/seminar. This was about advanced trauma life support. Interesting stuff. I'm really glad they took the chance to go over this all the first day... would have looked pretty stupid starting an emergency medicine placement and not knowing any of it.

Tomorrow I have to get a bus through loads of roadworks and I'm really worried that no matter how early I leave I'll be late. This stressing out isn't helped by the fact the boyf is staying at his mum's tonight and maybe all week, so I have noone to talk sense into me.

Lily xXx

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madsadgirl said...

If the boyf isn't about you can always blog and use your blogging friends to talk sense into you.

I know what you mean about the roadworks; they seem to be all over London at the present time, although I have found that they haven't delayed me too much in my travels. Good luck on your new placement and I look forward to hearing about it.

How are the ferrets?