Monday, 7 September 2009

T - 7 days...

I think that's what I'd say if I was a spy or secret agent counting down until next morning. Although, not being a huge fan of James Bond, I may have got that totally wrong. Bascially 7 days until term starts.

My 5th year at uni and my 4th year of medical school. The last 4 years have gone so quickly that it's a little scary that I only have 2 years left. In a weird way although the time has gone quickly the start of med school seems more like 10 years ago in my mind, and my intercalated BSc just seems like a distant nightmare.

Even though my summer holiday hasn't been as long as it would usually be, I'm suffering the boredom that long holidays bring. At least in previous years I had loads of friends who were on uni holidays, now it's only the medicine lot who have the whole summer and everyone scatters all over the world as soon as the holidays start.

I've got nothing I aimed to do this summer done. I haven't even got to the bottom of the wash basket. On the plus side I feel nice and refreshed which is the main thing.

I'm going to use this week to sort myself out for uni. I've already bought a few bits and bobs. An academic diary. A few new cardis, a pair of trousers (which I need to take up), and some cute pixie boots which will probably be too uncomfortable to wear to uni more than once, but at least on that day my feet will look nice.

I'm thinking of getting a hair cut this week. My hair is pretty unruley so I always get worried about haircuts. If they cut it too short it just goes crazy, and I really struggle to maintain any style, hence the keeping it long and boho. Unfortunately on placement I can't just wear my hair down all the time, so I need to get something done so I can wear it up. At the moment it's so thick and heavy that it hurts to have it up in a bun. Fingers crossed the hairdressers won't do anything too awful with it!

Lily xXx