Monday, 21 September 2009

Needles and Tubes

It's only week 2 and already I'm dreaming about cannulas and various forms of airway maintenance.

In a couple of hours in theatre I managed to steam on with my checklist of stuff to do. I need 10 cannulas and 10 LMAs, I've done 3 successful cannulas (unfortunated my success rate is down to 75% now), and 5 successful LMAs. I'll be breathing a big sigh of relief once I've got enough to get signed off. It's only week 2 and I'm already stressing about sign-ups. I'm such a worry-wart.

I'm in a bit of a funny mood this week. Mainly due to huge arguement between the boy and I. It was very much both our faults.... his for being grumpy and short tempered and mine for being steaming drunk and therefore horrible. Anyway before the arguement we've had some tears over the fact he hates commuting from my crappy flat, in a crap part of London, where I get mugged on the way home (too regularly) and we wake up to blood and faeces in the stairwell. The 24hr loud music from downstairs doesn't help either. So the arguement was a big vent of frustrations, but we've decided it'll be best if he stays at his Nan's near work during the week and then back at the flat on weekends. We'll be able to save more for a deposit on a nicer house (he'll have a lot less petrol to pay) and we won't both be grumpy and tired in the evenings.

Even though I'm happy with this new set up because it means less arguements as the flat is so small we spend all our time walking on each others toes, I can't help feeling a bit abandonned. I know if I'm upset or have a bad day he'll do the hour's drive to come and keep me company but otherwise it's just the ferrets and I... and all the scary people shouting outside. It wouldn't be so bad if I lived in a nice area, but since the "bad people" have moved in downstairs it's really horrid here.

Lily xXx


Helen said...

Is there no way you can move somewere nicer? I know money is probably an issue but would a little more debt help ease the current situation? I think you're very brave to live somewhere like you are describing. Muggings, noise pollution, faces, blood... It can't help your night terrors much. Do you manage to get enough peace of mind to study OK?

Lily said...

Unfortunately my Dad and I own the flat so moving out takes time. I'm trying to sort out the flat so it looks lovely and tidy and I'm going to get an Estate Agent in to value it, if it's worth as much as it was before I'm more than willing to sell and move somewhere else, it's got awful in the last few months and the council/police don't want to do anything about it!!

To be honest my studying has really suffered with it too. Something seriously needs to be done!

brokenangel said...

Hey chuck can you not move in with him and his nan for a few weeks until you manage to get the flat sorted?

Anonymous said...