Wednesday, 24 June 2009


New people moved in downstairs in my block of flats just over a month ago. Since then there's been nothing but trouble.

I live in a part council, part ex-council block of flats in a pretty rough area of London, but although it has looked pretty tired and tatty since I moved in, the block was always otherwise OK. Until now.

Now the people downstairs play stupidly loud music most of the day and night. To top it off since they moved in the public areas have been getting worse and worse. Before the rubbish in the hallway would be the occasional crisp packet or sweetie wrapper left by one of the kids. 2 weekends ago the hallway was covered in blood and even poo in one corner. Not nice. Although the floor has been cleaned since there is still blood smeared all over the walls. Last night coming home on the stairwell was a burst plastic bag of bits of rotting fish which has been dragged down 3 flights of stairs... from just outside their flat to the bottom of the stairs. Thanks to the local council it still hasn't been cleaned and its gross.

It's really been getting me down living here over the past month, and the boyf hates it too. Unfortunately the people at the council don't really seem to care.

Lily xXx


brokenangel said...

Get together with some of your neighbours and organise a petition against them. The council are more likely to take notice if a group of you complain not just one.

Good luck

R. said...

if your interested I'm offering to let a room in my two bedroom apartment. It's modern, a converted music hall, a building of nine apartments, clean, fully fitted, in a nice area of london. that sound horrid though, hope it gets cleaned up soon.

Helen said...

I'd like to say construct your own bag of rotting fish/other rubbish/etc and leave it outside their front door. Unfortunately that is neither mature or helpful and would just escalate matters. The comment above about getting together with neighbours is a good idea. Moving sounds even better!