Wednesday, 10 June 2009

Old Before My Time

My nickname around uni has become "Granny Lily". Originally this was just because of my penchant for knitting, ballroom dancing and cookery shows. Some see it as my quarter life crisis, I just see it as a nice calm way to have fun.

More recently it's been applied to my health too. I seem to be falling apart. This week I seem to have pulled my back out. Not only is it excruciatingly painful, it also sends pain all down my left arm and makes the side of my hand twitch (more exactly it makes my abductor digiti minimi fasiculate for all you anatomy buffs).

So, cures for a sore back please people.

Paracetamol doesn't even touch the pain, co-codamol helps a bit but taken too much gives constipation which I'd like to avoid. I'm allergic to NSAIDs so ibprofen, diclofenac etc are a no-no. Hot showers help, but as much as I'd like to staying in the shower all day it is not an option.

Any other tips?! Any ways to help it get better more quickly?!

Lily xXx

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Mehmet C said...

Lie down with a hot water bottle under your back? Very light exercise such as jogging might help. Staying active is very important, don't just stay lied down, that will make it far worse.