Monday, 8 June 2009

Sims 3 and Other Procrastination Techniques

I have had a rather unexpected weekend.

It turns out the boyf wasn't not texting me back because of his textual issues, but because he was in the car on the way home. He had family issues which meant that he had to rush home to his Mum's house on the Saturday morning of the Stag do, and then after that he just felt like coming home for a cuddle, not a weekend of carnage. I feel awful that he missed out on the whole thing and paintballing because he was really looking forward to it. Fingers crossed he'll have the opportunity to do something with the boys again sometime soon.

Because of this my weekend was pretty much turned upside down. Just as the boyf arrived home, one of my best friends was popping over to say hi and have a gossip as I was supposedly on my own. Instead he got to know the boyf a little better which was good. We pretty much just sat in and snuggled Saturday evening which was lovely. Unfortunately there was a huge thunder storm in the night which not only half woke me up, but I think it led to one of my horrible nightmares, so Sunday morning the boyf and I were both a bit groggy after he was woken in the early hours with me irrationally sobbing.

We weren't sure what to do on Sunday so I started with a little revision, which lasted about half an hour. After that I sewed an arm for my sock monkey (thats the body, tail and an arm that I have done now!) and then didn't really know what else to do with my time.

We decided to buy The Sims 3. I am a self confessed Sims addict. I used to get my Dad to lock my Sims disks away in his safe over my exams at school because I find it so distracting! Sims 3 is amazing. The graphics are much better and you can get Sims looking really freakishly like people you know. It's actually scary how like me my Sim looks. You also get to give them 5 different traits from a huge list. It's great because not only is my Sim as excitable as me, it's also as clumsy! Because we're a pair of saddos the boyf and I made sims of each other, made them fall in love and get married. Possibly the geekiest Sunday ever!

Lily xXx


Helen said...

Post a picture of your sim :)
Hope all is OK with your bf's family.

Lily said...

Since it looks so freakishly like me I'd worry that everyone would find out who I am. Not that I expect to be hunted down in the wards for autographs, but knowing my luck one of my consultants would be reading!!

brokenangel said...

The sims 3 is mint shame when the game files get big even meeting the min spec means its slow.