Thursday, 18 June 2009

Full Day

For the first time in quite a while I have a full day at uni today.

Surprisingly I'm really looking forward to it. It's going to be nice to go into uni and do a full days work as opposed to coming in for an hour or two and feeling like I'm wasting the rest of the day.

I'm going to continue my productivity later at home by filling in the hardest form known to man. The NHS bursary form. It makes what should be simple questions rather difficult. It also asks for loads of random paperwork that I'm not sure I'll be able to find. Needless to say I'll be pleased if I get it done today because that will mean that it's all out of the way.

I'm having revision dilemmas, like the rest of the year it seems. When do we start? What do we cover? How much do we do? Is it worth revising at all when multiple choice can be so random?

I'm also worrying about my mini OSCE already. Unlike a lot of people I haven't failed any of them so far, but it would be just my luck to fail the last ones and have to resit right at the end of the year when I should be soaking up the sun/redecorating my hallway.

On the home front... my shower still isn't working. I haven't managed to get through to the right person at the council to agree to turn off the water to the whole building while I have a new stopcock fitted. Nightmare. Anyway I'm off to uni now.

Lily xXx


The Manchester Medic said...

That bursary form is an absolutely nightmare isn't it. I spent a good part of last week doing mine.

Lily said...

Do you fancy filling mine out for me? It's mind numbingly awful. 26 pages of total boredom.