Friday, 12 June 2009

Broken Shower!!

The only cure for my bad back has broken :(

My shower is officially dead. It's been dying for a couple of weeks now, in fact last Friday it game me an electric shock. Although we have a nice shiny set of mixer taps and shower to go on the bath, the stopcock to the bathroom has been broken by the lady who lived here before me so we have to wait for the weekend for the boyfs Dad to do something plumbery to stop the water in the bathroom.

I really don't like baths that much. They're okay for chilling out but not for washing. For a start they get cold too quick, then there's the fact I have really thick hair so it's impossible to wash in a bath. It also uses so much more water than a shower.

On the plus side my Dad is bringing me some anchovy stuffed olives from France. The boyf hates olives and isn't too hot on anchovies so I have the whole lot to myself. Nummy!

Lily xXx


Helen said...

Have you thought of a TENS machine or one of those self heat pads you can buy in pharmacies (dunno what they're called)
Sorry to hear about the plumbing problems, at least the weekend is not too far away.

R. said...

why don't u get some serious suds and have a major bubble bath, thats always much fun than an ordinary bath