Saturday, 6 June 2009

Lie-In Saturday

I'm such a procrastinator. Now I've finished my essay I should be starting making revision notes. Instead last night I read the whole of Eclipse, one of the follow ups to Twighlight. Then as I stayed up so late last night I needed a nice big lie-in.

Having a lie in on a Saturday wouldn't be such a big deal if I thought I'd be able to concentrate for the rest of the day, but I doubt I will. I'm a born worrier, and if I have the slightest bit of worry about anything it completely takes over.

Today I'm worrying about the boyf. He's off at a Stag Weekend. If there's one thing the boyf isn't good at is keeping in touch. I'm sure by now his phone will be dead and he won't be in the slightest bit concerned. He let me know he got there okay last night and I'm sure that's the last I'll hear of him until Sunday. Unfortunately even though I know this I can't help but worry. In my mind I'm thinking "What if something happened when they were out last night?!"... being arrested, getting lost or dying of alcohol poisioning in a ditch is not beyond any of them. Worse today they're going paintballing. It's my idea of hell. Running around while people shoot you with hard pellets of paint. No thanks! So now I'm thinking of the million and one things that could go wrong at paintballing.

I'm also a bit worried for the Stag. I've heard lots of rumours of what they're going to do to him. Thankfully they went off the idea of going to Vegas, kidnapping him and then leaving him in the desert. I'm sure they would have eventually gone back for him... when their scatterbrains meant they remembered.

Lily xXx


Mehmet said...

Ha, same! I should be revising for end of year exams, but i really can't be arsed. Hope you get some revision done though, and nice b blog!. Most medic blogs are by old GP farts that just spend every post moaning about the NHS.

Anyhoo, i'll keep reading ya :)

(and by the way, its twilight... hehe )

R. said...

I think the aforementioned situations u described are the least of ur worries pet, I've just come back from a stag do and boy did we get up to 'a lot', especially since our hotel was conveniently placed above a strip club.

Lily said...

My spelling is awful!!

Worryingly I've heard stories about strippers and whips from this weekend?!

R. said...

ahh well, u have nothing to fear now according to your last post :)