Monday, 29 June 2009

Beautiful Wedding

All my finger crossing worked, as this weekend the weather was perfect for the wedding I went to. Not only was the weather gorgeous, but the wedding itself was the nicest I've ever been to. It was held at a beautiful country house, with lovely gardens and a big marquee.

The tables were all named after a different type of sweet, with little jars of those sweets for everyone there. The meal was also amazing, it was a selection of bbq meats, lovely salads and bbq veg, realy nice for a hot summers day.

The boyf looked gorgeous in his smart usher's suit, and even though for a lot of the wedding he was running around doing things, everyone else there was so friendly it was no problem at all to mill about chatting to other people.

I completely fell in love with the part of Surrey the wedding was held in. So much so that going back to London last night was actually really upsetting. It was all small beautiful villages and winding country lanes. Perfect. I really felt as if all my problems were just lifted off my shoulders for the weekend.

Now I'm back it's time to finish my bursary form, tidy the flat and do some work. A big crash back down to reality.

Lily xXx

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