Friday, 12 December 2008

Weekend Plans

It seems that yesterday I started an itchy toe epidemic. Sorry guys!! Mine's not at itchy today. It was a little itchy this morning but now it's not noticably itchy at all.

I had an evening in A & E tonight, but got told I could leave early because only being a 3rd year there wasn't much I could actually do and after half a shift I'd seen pretty much everything I was going to see. This means I got home a couple of hours earlier than I anticipated which is good. I can do the washing up, get a decent nights sleep and get up earlyish tomorrow. I get the fun of filling my morning with a visit to the council. Hurrah!

I've got a party to go to tomorrow night and really don't know what to wear. Recently I've felt like a big fat frump even though I don't think I've put on any weight. I'm on the lower side of a size 10, so I can't really complain about being fat but then again I'm pretty short so noone would describe me as slim. I usually am pretty confident with the way I look, but at the moment I've felt so self concious. I think what I need is a night out wearing something that I feel really confident in. I've been saving up for a Christmas outfit, so tomorrow may be the time to go and get something classy, cool and sexy.

Lily xXx


The Angry Medic said...

Ooh I can relate to that! I had evenings in A&E too; sadly only one of them was exciting though. After a while it got so boring I started admiring the paint on the walls and gawking like a village idiot at the cool LCD-projected patient list thingy - that's when I got told to go home though (well, that and I was irritating the heck out of my SHO).

Good luck going shopping. I'd give you some suggestions but the last time I turned up in public wearing sexy women's clothing I got arrested, so I'm gonna keep my mouth shut there :)

madsadgirl said...

I hope you find something nice to wear.