Tuesday, 16 December 2008


Along with forgetfulness this is the other defining feature of my personality. Strange thing for a medical student you might think, but not me. I'm fairly book clever, and when it comes to common sense in medicine I'm also alright, but in general life I'm pretty stupid.

Example 1. I've just been cooking dinner. I love cooking and I'm pretty good at it if I say so myself. I needed to finely chop some chilli, not a problem. Chop chop chop. Lovely chilli. Anyway. Chilli goes in the pot and I wander off. I notice that my nose is a little sore (I have a cold at the moment), so decide to put some moisturiser on it. Without washing my chilli fingers. My nose has now been burning for a good 10 minutes.

Example 2. Thursday I have a huge presentation. I've lost sleep worrying about it. Have I actually used my spare time to do it? No. Am I leaving it until tomorrow night? Probably. Do I have a revision session that means I won't get home until 9pm? Oh, yeah... bummer.

Example 3. I tuck my teddy bear into bed so he doesn't get cold when I go out during the day in winter.

Reading that back to myself my daftness is kind of embarassing. Oh well.

Lily xXx


Lele said...

Haha I love the teddy bear thing! I don't do much with mine he just sits on the windowsill but sometimes if I'm annoyed I see him staring at me and I say something mean and then I feel so bad! Haha if I were being secretly filmed I would look so crazy as I apologise!
Also, it has become a sort of 'hilarious' party trick in my house to ask me where 'well known' cities are because I am so awful at it. Up until last year I thought Amsterdam was in Scotland. I now know how stupid that is :[

madsadgirl said...

You're not stupid.

Example 1. Unfortunate; at least it wasn't your eyes.

Example 2. Procrastination; something that we all employ at times.

Example 3. A very caring person; teddies get cold too.

Lily said...

Finally... some people who understand that teddies have feelings!