Tuesday, 9 December 2008

Two Pairs Are Better Than One

Today was a really festive day for some reason, filled with Christmas party gossip and memories of years gone past. For this very reason I spent most of the day crying with laughter. I thought I'd share some of the stories with you. Apologies in advance if they end up as "you had to be there" stories.

The funniest story was back in first year... so a long time ago now. We were at the yearly Christmas party held in the tiniest of the universities nightclubs. So tiny and rubbish that it's now actually closed. Although it was small and pretty tatty every night I spent there was always amazing. Anyway, we were a little tipsy and all having a boogy. For some bizarre reason some junior doctors from the hospital across the road were there and in her drunk haze one of my then flatmates thought she'd found her McDreamy. So for the next hour or so there was lots of dancing and bit by bit they got closer. Next thing they were dancing together and before we know it he was examining her tonsils (... with his tongue!) and having a grope. Being the well behaved girls we are we staggered home (sans gentlemen) and collapsed in bed. The next morning we dragged ourselves into the kitchen for a morning gossip about the night before. My flatmate was going on about how mortified she was by her behavior. We were all a bit confused... surely she'd only had a bit of a snog? Oh no, that wasn't what she was mortified by. She had a pair of huge knickers on over her tights to keep them up and being drunk she'd forgotten and apparently at one point he had his hand up her skirt and must of noticed. So embarassing. Very funny though, and a lesson in why you should get men to keep their hands to themselves.

The rest of the day was taken up with gossip about the Christmas party. Being students we weren't invited, but we're pretty chummy with someone who was. As expected everyone was apparently trollied. No shocks there. The shocking story is that the really serious hard working female registrar ended up all over the equally as serious and dull male registrar and they went home together. No wonder we couldn't find them for teaching yesterday!

The person we talked to was also very confused about all these stand offish, usually strict surgeons running around cuddling each other. Madness. I think we should have been their. Us medical students need to be shown some love!

There were more stories but I'm so exhausted I can't remember them at all.

Lily xXx

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