Monday, 22 December 2008

I Love Big Pants

Those of you who've stumbled across my blog before or read kind of regularly will remember me telling a story about a friend of mine wearing big pants over her tights on a night out to keep them up and being found out. I'd link to the post but laziness prevents me.

Anyway this friend was reading my blog last night and discovered the post. Shock! Horror! I think she was less than impressed. So I thought I better give a quick apology and remind her that I only wrote it because I love the memories of all our nights out, I love her and most of all I love big pants!

Lily xXx



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Naval Langa

madsadgirl said...

If she knew how much I had enjoyed the story I am sure she would not have been annoyed. I am old enough to remember when tights first came out, and wearing a pair of pants over them to stop them falling down was absolutely essential.

Lele said...

I laughed so much when I read it because I do wear knickers over tights all the time and always accidently flash a big pair of white pants over black tights haha