Sunday, 28 December 2008

Never Ending Christmas

Okay. A lot of you are going to hate me for moaning about this, but it's my blog so moan I shall. Does Christmas never end?! As soon as the actual Xmas Day stuff is done then its mad panic about the sales for a few days, then mad panic about New Year.

Everyone needs to chill out. No need for barging into people in the shops. No need for tears and tantrums about where everyone will go for New Year.

I guess this is especially true for me as my family Christmas dinner (although the only family members going are my Dad and I, the other 22 are all friends) is today, because we've been working until now. It just seems so high pressured.

Yesterday I had a bit of a weird moment in my Dad's bar where a girl working there, who I get on fairly well with, asked me about my Mum. Both my Dad and I are pretty private people and don't feel the need to broadcast our family history to everyone at work (I know the whole blog thing goes against that, but it's different!). People know it's just him and I and thats that. Since I was asked I decided to just tell the truth. It's no big secret. This person almost cried when I told them and now I know for the rest of the festive period I'll be getting pity and the dreaded "I admire you because you're so strong" talk. It makes me want to scream that I'm not, and that I cry myself to sleep sometimes and get down a lot of the time. Not one to make a scene I won't but it puts a bit of a cloud over my head.

Anyway, I've yet to do any work this Christmas Holiday, which is a little off putting. I have loads to to in London tomorrow, so I guess Tuesday and Wednesday are going to be working days, then if my hangover isn't too bad I can do some work on Thursday too.

On Friday I'm going to Disneyland Paris. Wooooo! No work will get done but I'm going to find Stitch and give him a big cuddle!!

Lily xXx

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