Saturday, 29 January 2011

Cultured Weekend

Some of you will be confused and some of you will be impressed by the fact that today I'm indulging in even more culture.

As if Cirque Du Soleil on Wednesday wasn't enough, today I am going to the Tate. Again. I went just before Xmas too. That makes me properly cultured.

But don't worry... I'll still be indulging in a fishbowl of cocktail later... I haven't changed that much!

This in theory is my last weekend of freedom before revision starts. Although I said that about Xmas. I really need to get some motivation and knuckle down unless I want to be resitting 5th year and to be honest, that does not appeal.

Also I need to rant. The postman came again today and didn't bother knocking, just left one of those "you weren't in to receive your parcel" notes. I was in!!! Grrrr. To make it worse the parcel had the dress that I want to wear tonight.... boo hoo!! :(

Lily xXx

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Violet said...

Oh I HATE it when postpeople do that! They do it all the time. Once, when I was waiting for something especially important I took to sitting on the doorstep with my laptop just in case they tried to do it again. Victory was mine! Have a lovely last weekend of freedom, and enjoy the giant cocktails :)