Thursday, 27 January 2011

Totem - Cirque Du Soleil

This is a little unusual for me. Usually I prattle on about life and med school. Today I am going to attempt a kind of review of the Cirque Du Soleil show I saw last night. Or at least review it in a Lily-style.

Last night I went to Totem at the Royal Albert Hall with a friend. Our first issue was finding a pub or somewhere to eat nearby. Seriously. It is like a desert when it comes to drinking spots. It's practically on the Imperial campus... do they not drink? Is this why they're so clever?!

Anyway, we got into the Royal Albert Hall, took our seats up the top and looked down at the giant turtle that looked like the stage. I like turtles, so this was good.

The show started with a man in a sparkly leotard being dangled from the ceiling like a giant human disco ball. This was amazing. In fact when I'm a billionaire I'm going to have a human disco ball in my living room.

I also liked the men dressed as lizards on the trampolines with the bars. And I loved the trapeze artists. I was strangely fascinated and petrified at the same time by everything else. These acrobats must be superhuman. I can't begin to imagine the hard work that goes into conditioning their bodies. It's amazing. I was amazed.

It was the second time I saw Cirque du Soleil and it was even better than the first. I now want to see the other 20 shows they have...

Lily xXx

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