Monday, 24 January 2011

Chaos In GP-land.

Manic does not describe my morning.

GP-land broke into complete chaos and mayhem today.

When I arrived at 8.50 there was a queue of patients outside. Why wasn't the surgery open? Turns out the receptionist hadn't turned up.

Friday saw the receptionist and myself have a falling out. I was seeing a patient who had miscarried recently. The receptionist stormed in mid consultation and began shouting at the patient. Turns out the patient had wanted to make a complaint about not being seen soon enough and asked another patient for the receptionists name and had a grumble. The receptionist was shouting "If you want to know my name you ask me to my face, don't go talking about me behind my back"

Totally unprofessional. Totally inappropriate.

The patient was pretty upset, the receptionist was asked to leave the room. Afterwards the receptionist was told by the GP she was in the wrong after having a bit of a clash with me over the whole thing. I was mortified by her carry on.

Anyway, back to today. The receptionist wasn't there this morning. I think she was sulking.

After we let in a disgruntled bunch of half frozen patients the GP and I realised we had a problem. The receptionist had the keys to the consulting room. 20 minutes later and we found a spare set. Our problems still weren't over...

Today was "the-big-change day". We were changing computer system. Not good when noo-one has an idea what they're doing. We could barely turn the system on, let alone enter patient info or print a prescription. We reverted to writing all the consultations by hand. Cheating, but we would have been there for months otherwise.

Thankfully we spent a 3 hr lunch break learning how to use the system and by the afternoon we could just about cope.

Tomorrow I have to use the new computer on my own. Eek!!

( On the subject of professionalism there is a research project happening at the moment looking into medical student experiences of professionalism within healthcare. There's a questionnaire you can fill by clicking the link... )

Lily xXx

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brokenangel said...

all i can say is :O surelly the receptionist is going to be fired immediatly. Surelly everyone who works in the NHS knows not to just walk into a consultation.......actually no thats too big of an ask!