Thursday, 13 January 2011


So far in GP-land I've had to face my biggest body-part fear in medicine. There's one thing that is guaranteed to make me squirm. People would be surprised to know that this isn't the long hours that freak me out, nor is it the rectal exams or the babies having a pee mid 6-week check...'s belly buttons.

Especially outies.

How do outies even happen? Innies are pretty gross too though. They're all deep and grotty looking. I've even seen people with seemingly flat belly buttons. Usually on well toned young men. They freak me out too, the flat belly buttons that is, not the young men. I'm rather fond of those.

I have to go and psych myself up for another day of abdo exams and getting close to belly-buttons. *shudders*

Lily xXx

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brokenangel said...

We all thinks that make us squirm, heck i pass out if a nurse stick a needle in me to draw blood but can happily stick them in other people