Thursday, 20 January 2011

Ranking Foundation Jobs.

What a chore.

I have 271 jobs to rank. I haven't done that well on my fpas application (well enough to just scrape into a popular foundation school, but no better), I have to rank ALL the jobs. By them telling me this I'm presuming that they're saying "rank all the jobs but realistically you're getting one of the bottom 50".

This doesn't bother me so much. I've got a job in the foundation school of my choice. So what if it has the dreaded geriatric rotation in it? I'll survive. I'm also not that bothered where I go within the foundation school, I'm sure that even if I have to move away I'll make new friends. I moved away to go to uni and it was the best thing I've ever done. My thinking is that FY1 will be more about the opportunities I seize and the attitude with which I tackle things.

This said I'm still stressing about ranking. I ranked the jobs by numbering them, with a pen, on the prospectus. All the paeds jobs first, then everything else in order of location ( - geriatric jobs) and then everything else that has geri's in it last. Fairly simple. Oh no. Now it's come to putting it on the computer its really complicated. I can either type in the massively long code for each job, then search it, and then select the job to rank or I can search by hospital or speciality and pick the jobs from a list to rank. This would be simple if the prospectus told us the hospital, it doesn't it tells us the trust. It would also be nice if the website told us the FY2 linked trust, which is doesn't. Wasting so much time cross referencing things.

The fun is I'll have to do this all over again next year to choose FY2 jobs. Joy.

Lily xXx

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EasternDoc said...

It's stupid isn't it. A really badly designed website. My advice, do it all on one night with a bottle of wine to help you through it.

I scored quite badly on my MTAS too (70) and got my 28th choice rotation so perhaps yours won't be too low down.