Sunday, 9 January 2011

Biscuit-Chicken-Egg Theory

At new year I promised to write this theory.

It's my special theory on nationality. Unfortunately for me as it's quite abstract (...yes that means crazy), everyone is always either confused or wetting themselves laughing half way through my explanation.

To set the scene. People always talk about what nationality I am. I'm not British, even though I was born in London I'm not automatically entitled to British nationality. I would have to apply for it. My parents have both lived in the UK for some time but are EU nationals from other countries. For arguments sake lets say Germany and Spain (it's not actually these countries). This means that I'm allowed passports from both of these countries. I get upset because when I say I'm either Spanish or German people argue with me and say that I'm not really. But I'm not British either. So what am I?

Anyway the theory...

If you put a chicken in the oven and it laid an egg, when the egg hatched would it be another little chicken or would it be a biscuit?

It would be a chicken.

And there in lies the answer. You are what your parents were. Even though the oven normally would be the birth place of biscuits if a chicken gave birth there, it would still be a chicken.

This makes me a chicken and all of you lot biscuits.

More philosophy of Lily at some other point.

Lily xXx


Anonymous said...

As an Australian friend of mine once said, and you really had to hear it with the accent to really appreciate it: "You can't put a duck egg in the chicken coup and expect chicks!"

Em said...

Not as bizarre a concept as you think. Plenty of squaddie brats use the same analogy to explain why, despite being born in Germany or wherever, they are in fact British. Tie in the whole "British Soil" thing and then they get REALLY confused!